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  • Juliana Leondis

Trauma in the Body

Trauma isn't just psychological. It can impact your body too.

According to Dr. Christine Gibson, there are usually two types of responses that people have to trauma. The first and more commonly heard of, is the fight or flight response, the second being the lesser known freeze response. These are both completely normal and physical responses to trauma. If the trauma is acute, such as an automobile accident the trauma response will be much shorter than a chronic trauma response such as a one a war veteran would experience.

Depending on the type of response that your body is having to a traumatic event, there are many options to release said trauma from your body. This could look like yoga, mindful meditation, or even taking up a new hobby. All of these have shown great benefits to assist in the release of trauma from the body. These being used in addition to talk therapy have shown great improvements in people who have experienced trauma. The clinicians at Boca Behavioral Health are trained to assess and treat a variety of traumatic experiences.

If you or someone you love needs assistance with this, please reach out to us at

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