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Tamar Merjian, MS, LMHC

Tamar Merjian graduated with a Master's of Science in Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University in 2015 and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from FAU in 2011. Since then, Tamar has worked with a wide variety of populations. She uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Solution Focused techniques to help individuals and couples to better themselves and their lives. When working with children and adolescents, she uses talk therapy and cognitive behavioral interventions, as well as art modalities, play therapy, and skills-building techniques.  Another area of specialty is Tamar's use of yoga to assist children with managing anxiety. Tamar grew up in the Armenian community here in South Florida and is active at St. David Armenian Church. In her free time, Tamar practices yoga and became a certified yoga instructor for children. 

Please call 561-961-9077 to schedule an appointment with Tamar.



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