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  • Juliana Leondis

Kids Mental Health Crisis

Pediatricians say the mental health crisis among kids has become a national emergency

“A coalition of the nation's leading experts in pediatric health has issued an urgent warning declaring the mental health crisis among children so dire that it has become a national emergency”. This statement is one that is presented all over the country as the issue of mental health concerns in children continues to grow.

Over the past decade, children with mental health issues and diagnoses have risen steadily and continue to do so. Pediatricians, teachers and other professionals who work with and around children are noticing this trend. In addition to the already dire concern, the COVID-19 Pandemic has exacerbated the trends that were predicted to have occurred, raising the numbers even higher.

Suicide, suicide attempts and self harm are on the rise specifcially with female children and even more so with children of color. The urges from pediatricians are to make telehealth more accessible to those who need it the most right now, children. They ask policy-makers for federal money to be allocated to mental health awareness campaigns and for increased accessibility.

At the local level it is important to be aware of those around us, those we love and have open and honest conversations about mental health. If this is something that you or someone you love needs assistance with, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

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