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Dating Abuse

https://www.bocabehavioralhealth.comHow To Spot The Early Stages Of Dating Abuse ‘Before’ It Gets Worse

Dating should be a fun and exciting experience but it is very important to make sure there are no “red flags” early on in the relationship. Dating abuse comes in many forms and it is typically very hard to spot, so here are some things to look out for!

Does this person use controlling tactics masked as extreme affection? This could look like a partner saying that they do not want you to go see your friends because “they would miss you too much”. Or telling you that “you are too pretty to go to that party alone”.

Does this person not respect your other life responsibilities or boundaries? This could be a statement like “If you really loved me you would call out of work so we can spend the day together.” Or saying that a certain friend is taking up too much of your time and that you should be friends with them anymore. These statements would be said under the guise of “I love you so much so…..”.

Does this person talk about your relationship with too much passion too quickly? A new term is circulating on social media called “love bombing”, which means an extreme amount of affection and love very early into the relationship. This could include planning trips that are months away, talking about your future together or making extreme statements about your relationship. All of these are tactics to encourage the other person to devote themselves fully to the relationship.

Sometimes it is hard to decipher whether these things are the beginning of an abusive relationship or if the person is truly infatuated with you. The hardest part is sometimes both can happen at the same time. The best course of action is to keep your boundaries clear and solid, and see if that upsets your partner.

If this sounds like a situation that you are in, it is very important to leave the relationship in a safe way which may include asking for help. If this is something that you or someone you love needs hlep with, please reach out to us at

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