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Address the Stress

Life is stressful. There’s usually no way to avoid it, but we can do something to address it. Developing a plan to deal with everyday stressful events: traffic, annoying coworkers, family conflict, as well as other more intense stressors: illness, job loss, divorce, helps us to bounce back more quickly.

There are many different ways to deal with stress, and everyone should come up with their own stress-reducing activities that will help. Extra rest, healthy eating, getting active and talking to a friend, are all common ways to manage stress, but did you know that anything could be a stress reliever, as long as it’s healthy and makes you feel better? Laughing at a funny movie, breaking out your high school playlist and dancing like no one’s watching, and making time for a forgotten (or new) hobby, can all be helpful when you’re feeling stressed.

My seventeen year old daughter, recently crafted her own stress-busting list of activities: working out, going to the beach, scheduling study times (and fun times) with friends, painting, baking, visiting the dog shelter, coloring, unplugging from social media, reconnecting with faraway friends, yoga, lighting scented candles, driving with loud music blaring, naps, and manicures are all on her list.

Take a moment and think about what would be on your list. How will you deal with stress when it hits you? Make a list and post it on the fridge, your computer or in your journal.

Be prepared to handle the stress that comes your way, with your own customized plan to “Address the Stress”.

If you’d like more information about stress, or want professional guidance to help you develop an individualized plan to manage stress, please call Boca Behavioral Health at 561-961-9077. We are here to help!

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