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Anger is a normal and common emotion that we all feel at various times in our lives. Sometimes we feel better equipped to handle our anger and other times, it seems almost impossible. When conflicts within the family become the norm, instead of an exception, speaking to a therapist can help. Anger is something that we do need to express, but only when done appropriately. If you're noticing an increase in your feelings of anger and it's causing conflicts for you at work, with family, friends and other relationships, you may need to find someone to talk to. You also might notice an increase in physical symptoms: headaches, muscle pain, difficulty sleeping, increase or decrease of appetite, inability to complete tasks, etc.


If you decide that you'd like help to manage these issues, the clinicians at Boca Behavioral Health are skilled at helping clients identify what is triggering anger and how to find healthy ways to express anger. Please contact us today, so we can discuss how to help.

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